Pet Music Therapy Success Stories



Blair was rescued from a rural animal shelter where she was sitting on death row. Shelter employees and volunteers were unable to touch her as they feared being attacked. She sat shaking and shivering in her cold concrete floored, metal bared kennel without so much as a blanket. The floor was covered in feces and urine. A kind volunteer at the shelter reached out to nearly one hundred no kill rescue organizations asking for help, but no one wanted to take in a dog who might bite, despite the fact that she was small and despite the fact that she was in desperate need not only of rescue, but of patience, love, stability, and connection. 


When Blair was rescued just in time by Advocates 4 Animals in Ohio, she was malnourished, covered in fleas, and had a stomach full of parasites. She was unspayed, unvetted, and terrified. Prior to being dumped at the animal shelter, Blair had been used again and again for breeding. Her filthy condition was noted upon intake to the shelter and again upon intake to rescue. She had endured abuse, neglect, and unthinkably harsh treatment and as a result, people had become scared of her. Blair was simply in search of safety and love - just as we all are in life. This is what she found when she came to Advocates 4 Animals rescue. At the animal shelter she'd been deemed "vicious" and "aggressive". But at the calm environment of an experienced, professional 5013c rescue organization, Blair melted into the arms of her rescuers. PET MUSIC THERAPY was an integral part of Blairs social and emotional rehabilitation process. With professional Pet Music Therapy, Blair learned to relax and to enjoy life with a calm state of mind, rather than a reactive, fearful one. Pet Music Therapy also helped Blair with her PTSD triggers and issues caused from her prior mistreatment. Pet Music Therapy continues to be a regular part of Blair's life today. This therapeutic work continues to help a once "aggressive" dog live in harmony with her people, as well as enabling her to engage in stimulating activities such as going on neighborhood walks, drives, and to interact harmoniously with other pets. 

Gizmo & Belinda


Gizmo & Belinda are sisters with a *very* special bond. Born in the wild, the sisters were surrounded by more than 20 other kittens and adult cats, all unspayed/unneutered and all in need of help. From the start, Belinda counted on Gizmo to help her navigate the big world around her which she herself could not see. Belinda is completely BLIND. Gizmo recognized her sisters need for assistance early on and became her eyes in many ways. 


When the sisters (and all of the 20+ cats) were rescued, it was evident that they had a bond that could not be broken. Gizmo helps her sister navigate the world on a daily basis. When Belinda wants to play, she brings her toys - and not just any toys - toys that make noise so her sister can successfully track them. When one sister is in a different room from the other, they will make twittering noises and run to each other. They bathe each other, snuggle together, play together...they are best friends. Upon initially being rescue, both cats had a lot to learn socially. In addition, Belinda needed to map out her new space by scent and with sounds. Gizmo helped her do this and together they celebrated the new, better life they had been given - one with safety, medical care, consistent and quality food, and daily love and attention. PET MUSIC THERAPY helped the sisters in this transition and continues to help the sisters to this day. They enjoy curling up together and listening to soothing harp or piano music as often as possible (be sure to watch the video below to view this for yourself!). Gizmo & Belinda have benefited from Pet Music Therapy immensely and continue to enjoy its benefits.



Seized by police in a severe abuse case, Albert came to rescue with two badly broken legs, among other serious, life-threatening injuries. As a result of the abuse, Albert lost one of his front legs and one of his back legs, leaving him with only two legs. When rescued, Albert was extremely grateful, and also extremely traumatized. He suffered from serious PTSD, was aggressive around other animals, and untrusting of most humans. PET MUSIC THERAPY played an enormous part in Albert's social and emotional healing, as well as aiding him in his physical healing (including after several major surgeries he needed to have upon rescue). Albert responded so well to Pet Music Therapy that in time, he began to get along with other animals - to the point of peacefully sleeping next to them and eating side by side with them. In addition, Pet Music Therapy significantly reduced Albert's serious PTSD triggers and symptoms. This transfomation was nothing short of miraculous to witness and to be a part of. 


Albert (the amazing two-legged cat!) continues to enjoy regular sessions of Pet Music Therapy today. He even has his own chair at the piano and a special cozy spot next to the harp. He often rolls onto his back, paws in the air, and falls asleep to the soothing music being played for him. Pet Music Therapy has been and continues to be a tremendous healing aide for Albert. 




When an emaciated black and white feline was found trying to survive on her own in a downtown area, she was incredibly thankful to be rescued. Outdoors she had been scared, lonely, starving, and pregnant. Several weeks after rescue, Clover gave birth to a litter of five kittens. Clover benefited tremendously from PET MUSIC THERAPY not only upon her arrival to rescue, but after the birth of her kittens (be sure to watch her video - you'll see her enjoying calming harp music. Occasionally she looks away and that is when she is checking on her sleeping kittens. The rest of the time she is relaxing to the soothing vibrational sounds of the music being played for her). Clover made a full recovery from her traumatic past and from PTSD symptoms she had shown initially at the time of rescue. Clover and her kittens have now all been adopted into well-matched, loving, forever homes to call their own. 


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